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The Historic Ahipara Gumfields

Kauri Gum History Tony Yelash Image Gallery Today

The Historic Ahipara Gumfields - Today

    Today the Ahipara Gumfields is still alive and well, everyday quad bikes and campervans visit the area to enjoy a day of history, to see nature slowly healing from is early inhabitants striping the ground of its kaurigum.  The locals in Ahipara are trying to re-open an existing historic walking track that enters the gum sleuths that were used only 60 years ago as well as local resources being used to open a new heritage trail that covers the west coast.  There are still families living in the Ahipara Gumfields (myself included) that travel the rough road everyday to go to work, people often ask why we live here, but once they see the beauty, the pure nature and hear the silence of the Gumfields they find it hard to leave.


Kauri Gum History Tony Yelash Image Gallery Today