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Ahipara Rap The Ahipara Community Newsletter
Issue No. 1 March 2000

Editors Note
Promote Ahipara
Whats up at BOT (Ahipara Board of Trustees)
Ahipara Tide Chart
Ahipara Primary School Kids Page

Editors note

Contact: Mandy
(email -
(09) 409-4515
P.O. Box 43

      Welcome to the new Ahipara Rap. Some of you  will remember the Rap from a few years back started by Lance, Haircut, and a few others. I decided it was a great idea that held many possibilities for Ahipara residents.
   This first isssue is a little on the light side but is just to give everyone an idea at the sort of newsletter we are aiming at. Contents are to include items from readers, tide chart, recipes, Whats up B.O.T., a report done by Simon Smith on what the Ahipara School Trustees are  up to, a surfside report by Sean Kennedy, buy and sell, work wanted, whats coming up in the coming month and whatever else people of Ahipara want included.
   I hope you all enjoy this newsletter and look forward to hearing from you with more articles for the next issue.


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The Ahipara Rap, it ain't no cr..
Another one of Lance's ideas
The A Rap was an idea he had
One morning while watching cricket–.
Instead of going to work like everyone
else Anyway, Lance's enthusiasm
Some help from a few friends
And advertising revenue made it happen.
To be part of, to help make something
happen, Especially when it's all positive
Is really good for the soul–
It is.
So wherever Lance is on his journey
He would be stoked to know that this
The Ahipara Rap, Volume 2, No 1
s a happening thing.

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P r o m o t e  A h i p a r a

    Promote Ahipara was formed a little over three years ago when locals in business were asked to attend a meeting to use their common interests to improve the area. Five attended the first meeting. A meeting is held the second Tuesday of the month at a members place. It is very informal and open to all who wish to attend.
     At present there are eighteen members running all sorts of businesses, Horse treks, Quad Tours and hire, Wood turning, Golf Club and all sorts of accommodation to name a few. The concept of the group was to raise the profile of the area by group advertising and getting signage for the area.
     To date the group has produced its third brochure, has a Web page for Ahipara and many links to and from other sites, advertised in papers and booklets with articles about the area, designed and made signs for Kaitaia's Information Center, Wainui Junction and a welcome sign at Ahipara. The signage is an on going project with a sign a year made and erected.
    This year we are supporting the opening of the Gum Fields as a heritage trail and trying to get Destination Northland to promote the Far North.

As the Promotion group is now a working unit several members think that it is time to revive the Rate Payers Group so that all in the community have a say. It is thought that promoting the area and getting a hearing from council are two different fields and need different personal involved. Last year a meeting between the Community Board and rate payers was held at the Rarawa Club Rooms.
    Fifty locals attended and raised a lot of local problems with the Board. The Board to date has not got publicly back to the community but has given the Promote Ahipara an undertaking that it will in the near future.
    This is why we need a Rate Payers Group to make sure that Council spends money wisely in this area.

by W.T. Simonsen (Bill)
on behalf of Promote Ahipara
Box 70 Ahipara.
Phone (09) 409 4864
Fax (09) 409 2118

The next meeting will be held at 4pm, 14th March 2000.
Please contact if you are interested in going.

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Dear Parents/Caregivers/Friends of the school kia ora,
This is a report from your chairperson to let you know who we are, what we™re up to and what™s planned for the future.

Let me introduce you to the team.

Glenys Brasell .............................. Secretary - Correspondence

Ken Clarke .................................................................. Principal

Carole Harding ......................................... Financial Controller

Joan Nathan ............................................... Secretary - Minutes

Lizzie Ngauma ..................................................... Kohanga Rep

Simon Smith .......................................................... Chairperson

Joanne Tracey .............................................................. Member

I would like to acknowledge Rob Macdonald and Phyliss Rihari who are no longer on the board for their contribution.

A few things we have achieved in 1999/2000.:

1. Survived an ERO report.

2. Reviewed and if needed updated policies.

3. Appointed more staff.

4. Built new junior playground.

5. Revised school operational plan.

6. Supported an I.T.C programme by installing a computer network system between classes.

7. Increased the funding for staff development to ensure staff

fully trained.

8. Extended Whare.

9. Created lower adventure ground garden area.

A few things we hope to achieve:

1. Extend swimming pool.

2. Upgrade asphalt

3. Improve carparking

4. Hopefully have funding approved for much needed administration block.

I would like to end by quoting another B.O.T. chairperson irlearning does not start and stop at the school gate, but must be encouraged at home by parents and caregiverslt.

Regards, Simon Smith, Chairperson

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MARCH 2000 as from NZ Herald

High Water Metres

Wed 1 0637 1909 3.2

Thur 2 0744 2011 3.3

Frid 3 0839 2101 3.5

Sat 4 0924 2145 3.8

Sun 5 1006 2227 4.0

Mon 6 1047 Š 4.1

Tue 7 1108 1127 4.1

Wed 8 1148 1207 4.2

Thur 9 0028 1246 4.2

Frid 10 0108 1326 4.1

Sat 11 0149 1408 4.0

Sun 12 0234 1456 3.9

Mon 13 0327 1553 3.7

Tue 14 0430 1702 3.6

Wed 15 0543 1818 3.6

Thur 16 0659 1938 3.7

Frid 17 0810 2040 3.9

Sat 18 0910 2136 4.1

Sun 19 0901 2125 4.2

Mon 20 0947 2209 4.4

Tue 21 1028 2249 4.4

Wed 22 - 1109 4.3

Thur 23 1127 1142 4.3

Frid 24 0002 1216 4.2

Sat 25 0035 1248 4.1

Sun 26 0109 1322 3.8

Mon 27 0147 1404 3.6

Tue 28 0236 1501 3.3

Wed 29 0338 1611 3.2

Thur 30 0447 1722 3.2

Frid 31 0555 1829 3.3

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Coming back
to school

I was a bit nervous on the way to school but when I got to school it was alright. I had some butterflies in my stomach when I was coming to school. I am in Room 8. By Sam

I was very nervous but when I got here it wasn’t so hard. It is not hard, kind of easy. I thought we were going to do spelling. I am in Room 8. I like it in here my teacher is nice. It is fun in here. By Brydie

I was shy when I came to school and when I got to class I was alright. I am in Room 8 and my teacher is Mrs. Lovell and it was cool when I came back to school. By Sydney

I felt a bit nervous when I moved into Room 8 and then the next day I felt all better. My new teacher is nice and I like Room 8. By Danielle

I had butterflies in me and I missed my Mum and then I felt good for a while. I have good friends. I like my new teacher. I think it’s cool in this classroom and so do my friends. My classroom is Room 8. By Chelsea

I had butterflies in my stomach but when I got to school I was alright. I came and sat on my seat. I felt better. I am in Room 8. My new teacher is nice. We are on desks. I am a Year 3. It is nice to be in a new classroom. By Aimee

When I came to school I felt nervous. When I came inside I felt a bit sick. When I did my work I was better. I am in Room 8. My teacher is Mrs. Lovell. I like my new class. By Reagan

The first day I came to school I had butterflies in my tummy. This is a cool classroom and I like my teacher. By Brooke

Thomas Vela won 2 gold medals for the 250 metre and 500 metre sprints for the mini midget boys. His team were up against the best in NZ and this was their first season in the sport. Members of his team were Rex Halkyard, David Rameka, Jordan Wikitera, Anaru Ratana and Grayson Housham.

There was not a full mini midget girls team so Danielle Vela participated in the mini Midget Mixed team (3 boys, 3 girls) and they came 4th in both events for the 250 metre and 500 metre sprints. Other members of her team were Harata Brown, Waimarie Halkyard, Rex Halkyard, Thomas Vela and David Rameka.

This week we had our local Police Education Officer - Constable Kerr come to visit school to teach our Year 7 and 8 children all about Road Patrol.

Our new Year 7's got their first glimpse of what it is like and are really keen to do the job. It is a very important job for them and a very responsible one as well.

First of all she told us all about the job and its responsibilities. Some of the Year 8's had done this before but it was a good refresher course for them.

Then we saw a video about someone on road patrol and then we went out in groups of 10 for training "on the job"..

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