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Ahipara Rap The Ahipara Community Newsletter
Issue No. 10 December 2000

Editors Note
Whats up at BOT (Ahipara Board of Trustees)
Ahipara Tide Chart

Editors note

Contact: Mandy
(email -
(09) 409-4515
P.O. Box 43

      Just a quick note to let you know that printing time will be changing from January. In the hope of coinciding with the Ahipara Residents meetings we will be hoping to be out by January 20th so our deadline for January will be Friday 14th of January. Hopefully this means we can fill you in on the happenings before they happen. Thank you Holly Darcy & Josh for your beautiful poem. 
Unfortunately you didn't include your address or phone number, please get in touch.

 Have a Great Christmas and a safe New Year.


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Dear Parents/Caregivers/Friends of the school kia ora.

This is a report from your chairperson to let you know who we are, what we're up to and what's planned for the future. 

Let me introduce you to the team.

Swimming Pool

I would like to thank all those involved in the completion of our new swimming pool.

Special thanks to Ken Clarke who initiated this project, Glenys Brasell for her work in applying to the ASB Trust, Neville Masters for his pool expertise, the gala committee for fundraising, Mike Mitcalfe and his contractors for their work. I must also thank Reg Frost and the Rarawa Rugby Club, Greg and Fluer Hall and the Ahipara Fire Brigade for their contribution to fill the pool so we could have it ready by gala opening. Now that we have a fine pool it is my wish that the complex be treated with respect and the pool rules be obeyed. 

Gala Day
 I would like to thank again the gala committee for another successful day and according to a reliable source the total nett take was close to $10,500.00.  I have it from another source that the take from the craft stall beat all existing records. Thanks to Liz, Stormie, Mrs C and all the other crafty ladies for a fine stall. Again thanks to all who were there running stalls and doing work for the day to make it such an excellent event.

Car Parking and Entrance
Latest news is that Council and Ministry have agreed finally to both contribute to the funding of this project and all that is needed is the roading engineer to draw up working plans for a final costing and tenders to be let. I would like to think that this project would be
finished by the start of the next term.

End of Year Concert
Work has started on the concert and word has it that professional assistance from Mrs Josie Thompson will be used to give the local production team of Ms Osborne and Mrs Clarke extra assistance. 

We wish them all the best. 

Administration Block
Architects plans have been drawn up and these plans cover not only admin, staff room and principals office but utilise the back area of the school as well. The total costing is in the region of $1.5 million and we need to have 150 galas a year to pay for it.

Board of Trustees New Members
It is time for boards to look at getting new members in to replace those that are looking to leave. The change over date is March 2001 and the normal term is 3 years. So to all those people who think they can contribute to the running of the school at a board level the challenge is there.

Simon Smith


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