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                    Reef Rider    ---   Reef + Dune riding, approx 20km.                      Dune Rider  ---    Gumfields + Dune and Reef riding, approx 28 km.                      Gumfields Safari ---   Approx 35km.

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Cost [New Zealand Dollars]
  Duration Single Double
Reef Rider  1.5 hours $100  $110
Reef + Dune riding, approx 20km.
Dune Rider 2 hours $125 $135
Gumfields + Dune and Reef riding, approx 28 km.
Gumfields Safari 3 hours $175 $185
Approx 35km.

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1. The Reef Rider Tour involves riding on Reef and Beach and spending bit of time riding in a massive Dune Area that was once Kauri Forest and now only shows remains of the Giants that lived there 12,000 years before.

2. The Dune Rider Tour goes up into the Gumfields, where 100 years ago Dalmation and Maori toiled side by side to extract the resin left in the ground from these ancient forests, it travels along an old road where 2 Dance Halls and a Billiard Saloon once stood left when the inhabitants, because of declining Gum values, moved to the next area that provided employment. We proceed to an awesome panoramic view of the Dune and Beach area, the next decent through the Dunes is extremely exhilarating and a chance to ride one of the most amazing Wideness areas in New Zealand. The circuit is completed by a ride along a 10 km Beach and around the reef back to Ahipara.

3. The Gumfields Safari Tour covers the same circuit as No 2 but also allows time for sand Tobogganing in the Dunes and to forage for gum in sand Canyons sculptured by wind and rain for thousands of years. Lives up to its name as a real Safari, the usual comment from Tourists after this tour is “the best thing we have done in New Zealand”.

All tours are under the control of an experienced guide on latest HONDA 350 ES ATVs. Our aim is for people to able to enjoy an awesome safe tour of the Gumfields and Sand Dunes. Good footwear is required as well as a wind breaking Jacket and sunglasses.

If you require more information you can can call us on our Free phone 0800 494-288

Bookings Essential -  Contact us today..