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                    Reef Rider    ---   Reef + Dune riding, approx 20km.                      Dune Rider  ---    Gumfields + Dune and Reef riding, approx 28 km.                      Gumfields Safari ---   Approx 35km.

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Tua Tua Tours offers the adventure of a lifetime with you in control.  Tuatua’s ATV quad bike tours take you through the ‘wild wild west’ of the Far North.

The rides are guided so you can visit places most locals don’t know about.  This is an untouched vista waiting for your discovery. 

The tour takes you into the Gumfields to check out an original gum digger’s hut and spectacular views of both coasts of New Zealand.  Then into the sand dunes – ride the ‘Indianapolis Bowl’ if you dare.  Check out archaeological sites and Tanutanu Beach.  Ride around the ‘reef’ and into Shipwreck Bay. 

Your guide will assess your ability and give some basic riding skills.  Even if you’ve never been on a bike before, you’ll know what you’re doing.

Take a good jacket, covered shoes and sunglasses.  Expect to arrive home with a bit of mud and dust.  You’ll need to book as tour times vary depending on the tide.    Kids are welcome.

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