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                    Reef Rider    ---   Reef + Dune riding, approx 20km.                      Dune Rider  ---    Gumfields + Dune and Reef riding, approx 28 km.                      Gumfields Safari ---   Approx 35km.

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Tua Tua Tours is Located in Ahipara 15 kilkometers west of Kaitaia which is 150 kilometers north of Auckland, we are part of the Twin Coast Route and are central to all of northland's beautiful resources (90 Mile Beach, Cape Reinga, Bay of Islands, Kerikeri). There is plenty of Accommodation in Ahipara ranging to suit all needs and budgets.

To find us simply jump on state highway one (SH1) and head north until you come to Kaitaia (about 4hrs drive from Auckland) from there head west to Ahipara (about 15minutes) where you will see some beautiful palm trees on your left, we are on the right of these trees.

Email: tuatuatours@ahipara.co.nz
Website: www.ahipara.co.nz/tuatuatours
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